The Koala Air Operators Certificate (#CASA.TAAOC.0088) was first issued 52 years ago and permits the business to operate scheduled airline and charter services throughout Australia.

To respond to a changing market while ensuring the continuation of the company’s long history, its older aircraft were disposed of in 2019. This allowed the experienced Koala management team to begin its next chapter and implement its innovative business plan.

A detailed economic performance evaluation of several aircraft types was undertaken, and after analysing the results, Koala selected the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for its planned network.

The MAX is the most technically advanced narrow-body aircraft Boeing has produced and will enable Koala to be an “all-digital” airline. The latest aircraft design will enhance the passenger experience given its array of state-of-the-art features.

In recognition of the global drive to reduce carbon emissions, the MAX was able to deliver. The new fuel-efficient engines will result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions compared to the current B737 and A320 aircraft operating in Australia.

Koala has benefited extensively from the expertise and support that Boeing has provided. The pandemic has had a profound impact on the economy, particularly the airline, tourism, and hospitality industries. During this enforced lull, Koala has been quietly working together with Boeing and other major industry suppliers to ensure a seamless entry into service of the new aircraft.

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